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Secura Bike Lockers

Enclose your bicycles in our high-strength all-steel bike lockers. Our lockers are loved by bicyclists because they offer unmatched security and are designed for durability and simplicity of operation.

Totally Enclosed, All-Weather Bicycle Security

If your need is for bicycle lockers, Sunshine offers the super strength of the all-steel Secura Bike Locker. This product totally encloses the bike, its accessories, and personal items of the bicyclist. Commuter programs work best with lockers at companies, colleges, and transit centers, although multi-unit housing often calls for the security of lockers. Bicyclists love our lockers - it's like storing a bike in a vault. The proprietary key system is renowned for its security features.

Each of our heavy-duty, all-steel reinforced bike lockers offers total security and all-weather protection for up to two bikes. The Secura Bike Locker can be relocated to wherever you need to offer secure bicycle parking.


  • Simplicity and strength are the objectives.
  • Capacity: Each locker holds two bikes. Each door provides access to only one bike.
  • Material: 18 gauge galvanized sheet metal with a 16 gauge galvanized door.
  • Construction: Door and end panels are reinforced; door is designed with anti-prying flange and continuous hinge. Rugged dead bolt lock is key operated. A padlock hasp configuration is available. Steel construction means relocation of lockers in the future can be accomplished.
  • Coating: Lockers are crated "knocked-down" and assembled on-site. Once assembled by a 2 person crew, they may be painted with rollers or sprayed.
  • Size: 74" length x 45" height x 39 1/4" wide. Each compartment is 8" wide at back and 31 1/4" at front.
  • Mounting: Bottom flange of end, divider, and diagonal panels to be attached to concrete surface or to a wood base.
  • Colors: Grays and earth tone finishes are always popular; some choose bright colors which complement the site.

Options /Optional Accessories

  • Space Saving by Double-Decking
  • Get twice as many bikes per given space by double-decking the lockers.
  • Top-deck bicyclist merely raises back wheel to a 45' height and rolls bike into the locker.
  • Key operation for bicycle commuters works best.

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