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The Bike Tree

For home usage, the BIKE TREE is our Super Hoop Rack fabricated in 5 pieces to fit in a shipping box for UPS / FedEX type economical shipping.

What a difference a BIKE TREE can make in a garage!

Our Bike Tree was created for Police Departments whose property rooms are often over-run with recovered bikes. Placing bikes on the Bike Tree racks allows a rapid and orderly review of all bikes. It minimizes space required within the property department.


  • Capacity: 4 – 8 bikes
  • Material: Steel tubing and solid steel rod
  • Construction: 8 shaped rods with double cradling positions; Hoop either 1 piece construction or with attachable feet (depending on shipping requirements)
  • Coating/Finish: Rugged heat fused/bonded polyvinyl protective coating on rods and powder coated Hoop.
  • Size: Over 8' (H) x 18" (W)
  • Mounting: 2 feet of 34" (L)
  • Support rods: 15" (L) and coated
  • Colors: Standard black

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