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"Simple" excels because of cost and ease of lock-ability.

Simple, Universal Bike Parking!

This design has become the universally accepted type of bicycle parking - a simple, lockable "inverted-U" which supports the frame of the bike. It can be employed in ANY type of bicycle parking situation. It is SO simple!

Sunshine offer this design in shorter forms (as the Street-Lok) and with less steel (as the Mini-Lok). All are effective and all boast the unique, protective Sunshine coating. No rust on the rack, no dings/scratches on the bicycle frame, no complaints from cyclists.


  • Capacity: normally 2 bikes; however, bicycles can be locker in pairs on either side to accommodate 4!
  • Material: Round pipe, finished OD 2-1/8"
  • Construction: Heavy gauge steel pipe
  • Coating/Finish: Rugged heat-fused/bonded polyvinyl protective coating
  • Size: 36" (H), 18" (W) center on verticals
  • Mounting: Base-plates or In-ground configurations.
  • Colors: Standard black. A wide spectrum of colors are available with large quantity orders.
  • Guarantee on Finish: 10 Years!

Options /Optional Accessories

  • Anchor kits are an optional item.
  • For asphalt, gravel, dirt or grass areas, recommend bolting units to channel.
  • Recommend spacing units 30” center to center; yet a range of 24” to 40” is workable as well.

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