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Super Hoop Rack

Pack maximum bikes into minimum space. That was the design criterion set forth for the development of the Super Hoop Rack.

Pack ‘em in for long term storage

Our Super Hoop Rack was created for Police Departments whose property rooms are often over-run with recovered bikes. Placing bikes on the SHR racks allows a rapid and orderly review of all bikes. It minimizes space required within the property department.


  • Capacity: 4 – 8 bikes
  • Material: Steel tubing and solid steel rod
  • Construction: 4 shaped rods with double cradling positions; Hoop either 1 piece construction or with attachable feet (depending on shipping requirements)
  • Coating/Finish: Rugged heat fused/bonded polyvinyl protective coating on rods and powder coated Hoop.
  • Size: Over 8' (H) x 18" (W)
  • Mounting: 2 feet of 34" (L)
  • Support rods: 15" (L) and coated
  • Colors: Standard black

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