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Great choice for bike parking on city streets.

Toughest Bike Rack on the Block

It's big! It's beefy! But it's "Oh, so kind" to bicycles! The Trak-Lok can be placed in-line with light posts, sign posts, trash receptacles, and parking meters on city sidewalks to park bicycles parallel to the curb.

Also, it is the perfect solution for strip malls. The Trak-Lok tucks bikes in close to building walls without interfering with the walking shoppers.


  • Capacity: Normally 2 bikes, although bikes in pairs can be locked together to the vertical posts.
  • Material: Round heavy guage posts, finished OD 2-1/8"
  • Construction: Verticals welded to pre-punched base-plate and welded flat plate connected to verticals at the top.
  • Coating/Finish: Rugged heat-fused/bonded polyvinyl protective coating
  • Size: 36" height and 9" apart on a 6" x 14" base with a 4" x 7" upper plate
  • Mounting: Existing sidewalk concrete.
  • Colors: Standard black
  • Other: Unique decal signals its purpose
  • Guarantee on Finish: 10 Years!

Options /Optional Accessories

Our Trak-Lok is locationally flexible.

  • Can be used in any bike parking location
  • Colors available for quantity orders

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