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U-Lok II

A functioning design from the 10-speed-driven 1970’s

Discourages Potential Bike Thieves

Our gracefully aging design, the U-Lok II (a Class 2 design) has demonstrated for nearly 4 decades that upgraded security for bicycles was elegantly achievable. Down-tube sizes, angles and shapes can vary these days from the established 10-speed pattern. Yet any bike can nestle closely at the U-LOK’s vertical post and grab security from the welded half-moon steel loop. There’s a way to use every lock on every bike with this venerable unit.

The U-Lok II directs the bicycles to face in opposite directions, thus overcoming wide handle-bar spacing. By negating the space-wasting of touching handle-bars, the U-Lok II leads the way in efficient use of allocated areas for bicycle parking. This helpful design principle has been reflected In all Sunshine’s designs.


Time-Honored Design Still Serves Bicycling Community

  • Capacity: 2 bikes
  • Material: Heavy gauge square and round steel tubing with 7/16” U-grips
  • Construction: Sliding steel bar, 7/16" diameter, plated lock bar, 12" x 6" heavy gauge steel base. Bump-on strips for protection of down-tube.
  • Coating/Finish: Powder epoxy coated
  • Size: 23" high, 16" wide. Weighs approximately 17 pounds.
  • Mounting: Concrete surface
  • Colors: Black is standard

Options /Optional Accessories

  • Cables: 2 each 5/16" OD vinyl coated. We recommend not using cables, as they are seldom used (a bicyclist employing a padlock already has a cable). The cables become a nuisance item.
  • Anchoring kit to attach to concrete surface.

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